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Frequently Asked Questions

The 50 Meals

How Are the 50 Meals Calculated?

What Is The Name of the Non-Profit You Donate To?

Why Don't You Keep All of Your Profits?

Is Lack of Food Really That Big of a Problem In America?

I Want to Make An Even Bigger Impact. What Can I Do?

Our Canvas Prints

How Durable Are Your Canvas Prints? Will The Colors Fade?

What is the Grade and Weight of Your Canvas?

How Do I Hang My Canvas?

How Do I Clean My Canvas?

I Accidentally Scratched My Canvas While Performing A Party Trick. Help!

Why Do Some Paintings Look A Bit "Fuzzy"?


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

How Can I Find A Specific Painting?

Do the Images on Your Site Accurately Represent The Canvas I'll Be Sent?


Do You Offer Shipment Tracking?

Do You Ship Internationally?

How Much Does Shipping Cost and What Shipping Methods Do You Offer?

When Will My Order Ship?

Where Do Your Paintings Ship From?

Our Return and Cancellation Policies

What Is Your Return Policy?

What If My Canvas Was Damaged During Shipping?

Can I Cancel My Order?