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About Us


50 Meal Paintings Was Born Out of a Love For Art and The Desire To Make a Tangible Difference In The World

We love art in whatever form it may take. Music, ceramics, theater, photography, dance and ice sculpting are all beautiful forms of artistic expression. We happen to be particularly fond of paintings.

And like artistic modalities, there are an incredible variety of worthy causes to support. For us, there is something particularly powerful about helping hungry people with the basic necessity of food. 

The seed for connecting paintings and meals was planted in 2006, when the company Toms Shoes became famous for including charitable donation as a significant part of their business model. A company remaining profitable while donating a pair of shoes for every pair that they sold felt like a true win-win situation. We were hooked on the idea of integrating profit and purpose. 

However, Toms Shoes faced quite a bit of backlash as a result of their charitable efforts. By giving people shoes for free, Toms risked putting shoe manufacturers out of business in the very countries they were trying to serve. Toms was able to learn from this criticism and has now opened up factories in the countries that they donate to, but we feel that something important was illuminated in the early days of Toms Shoes.

The lesson that we learned from Toms is that properly serving the people you want to serve isn't simple or easy. It is for this reason that we decided to partner with America's leading hunger nonprofit, a network of 200 American food banks, instead of directly attacking food insecurity ourselves. We could never supply food to the hungry as effectively or as efficiently as they do. 

Although we are very committed to combating food insecurity, we want to make as big of an impact as we can. To that end we also run fundraisers with non-profit and purpose-driven organizations. During these fundraisers we give 50% of all 50 Meal Paintings profits to the organization we are fundraising with. This is of course in addition to donating the equivalent of 50 meals to America's leading hunger non-profit for every painting sold. If you are interested in running a fundraiser with us, check out our fundraising page.

So that's who 50 Meal Paintings is. We love art. We hate food insecurity. And we're determined to use a for-profit business to make a tangible difference in the world.