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Fundraise With Us


Are You Involved With a Non-Profit or Purpose-Driven Organization?

If so, perhaps you and your organization would be interested in running a fundraiser with us.   

Our fundraisers follow a simple three step process:

1) Together we get out our calendars and choose a three day stretch to run the fundraiser.

2) After the dates are chosen, we will be in touch to send along our best tips for running an easy, effective fundraiser. 

3) When that three day stretch arrives, we will help you promote the fundraiser. During those 72 hours, your organization will get to keep 50% of all 50 Meal Paintings profits.

But don't worry, the equivalent of 50 meals will still be donated to America's leading hunger non-profit for each painting sold. 

If you are interested in running a fundraiser with us, please get in touch at